Issues to Consider in Planning to Study Abroad

Start Early to Stay Ahead is the Mantra to Success!

2 min read

How to decide about Study Abroad? Here are quick tips:

1. Studying abroad is not just a decision to choose a course and a university abroad, pack your bags and go.

2. It is a decision that involves the family to collectively think- why study abroad? how are career goals aligned with studying abroad? how will you balance family and personal life by going abroad?

3. Studying abroad requires financial planning at least a couple of years in advance.

4. Decisions like what is your budget to study abroad? what percentage of education loan will you take, in case you don't get desired scholarship? planning to repay an education loan?

5. Do you plan to work abroad after completion of the course for a few years and return to your home country?

6. Do you plan to settle abroad permanently for work and life?

7. Do you intend to only pursue higher education abroad and immediately return to your home country? In this case what kind of job you may get, at what package?

8. How do you plan to culturally adapt to the new country and new culture?

9. Do you have any backup plans if the studying abroad plan may yield desired results?

10. Do you have mentors to guide you in studying abroad plans and decision-making?